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Create Mobile Web Applications Using RPG

 Sessions and Labs Available for Instant Access
In this 5-session training course, Craig Pelkie teaches you to easily create mobile web applications using RPG on the IBM i. Using the IBM CGIDEV2 web development library with the jQuery Mobile framework, you can quickly create mobile web applications that are perfectly matched to the device and are easy for your users to work with. In addition to the lectures, Craig has put together hands-on, technical labs so you can put what you learn to work for you immediately.

RSE (RDi/RDP) Jump Start Workshop

 Sessions and Exercises Available for Instant Access
Don't miss this popular online training course from IBM i expert Susan Gantner. This 4-session workshop will help you get off to a fast start using RSE (the Remote System Explorer) that is part of all those tools from Rational. Susan gives you 5 hours of technical training that covers practical steps, hints, and tips that will enable you to be more productive with the new toolset from day 1.

SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Functions

 Sessions Available for Instant Access
Through the use of Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers, SQL provides a means for other languages (and platforms) to take advantage of existing code or to access SQL capabilities from RPG or COBOL applications. In this 4-session training course Paul Tuohy will show you how to code and create SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers that utilize existing code (external) and how to code and create SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers that are written in SQL (SQL).

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