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Nov 21, 2004


Training is an ongoing issue and one that I have always been interested in. I am largely self-taught on the iSeries and have used different products and techniques over the years, although one of the main methods used has been the hard one of working it out for myself from the manuals – although I should say that iSeries News often provides a good insight into particular topics. With the rapid advances in technology we are now faced with, there appears to be more to learn at an ever increasing rate and I find it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up – although some of my colleagues may say this is just my age showing!...More
Nov 11, 2004

Feeling Grumpy...   3

This past week with WDSC has not been good, and believe me; you don’t want to share these experiences. So, as long as I’m going to vent, I might as well do it right... I am now working on some of the “core†programs in our reservation application, code that has been around for a long time, has been heavily modified over time, and could REALLY use the advanced tools built into WDSC. Unfortunately, they are not “pure†RPG programs, they are SQLRPGLE members. They also make heavy use of copy members, compiler directives and program calls. The code is a mix of RPG and RPG/FREE, depending on when it was modified. I’d love to rewrite these, but don’t have the time; I’ll just have to patch in the changes and go on to the next program. WDSC just doesn’t like these programs at all. I can use the LPEX editor, but that’s it. If I try to verify, use the Outline View, or the quick links from errors to the source, it has problems. We have been in contact with IBM for some of these for a while now, and had gotten the word that there was an update to the JVM and to a new version of WDSC. Both of these were installed, and the problems persist. NOT what I am used to from iSeries system software. The Verifier and Outline Views create the worst errors; literally causing the entire WDSC environment to hang. There is no way to cancel out from within WDSC; you must use the Windows task manager to cancel the JVM task before your screen comes back. (It’s easy to see which JVM to cancel though, just look for the one using over 800MB of memory!) The quick links from the errors don’t hang the session; they just don’t go to the right line of the source member. This is really due to the way that SQLRPGLE members must go through a “precompiler†before being passed to the actual RPG compiler itself; and the precompiler inserts additional lines into your source, which throws off the line counters for WDSC. With none of the advanced features of WDS...More
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