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Don Denoncourt


Don Denoncourt is an iPro Developer senior technical editor and a trainer, mentor, and consultant for Java, Groovy, and Grails.Don Denoncourt is an iPro Developer senior technical editor and a trainer, mentor, and consultant for Java, Groovy, and Grails.

Use Rails with Legacy Databases
PowerRuby, Part 5: Use Rails with Legacy Databases 
In Part 5 of our PowerRuby series, Don Denoncourt demonstrates how you can easily override the conventional behavior of Rails database access so you can use Rails with your existing databases.
Succeed by Failing Faster With Rails
PowerRuby, Part 4: Succeed by Failing Faster With Rails 
Rails offers facilities that make it easy to test early and test often. This development approach might seem more difficult at first, but Don Denoncourt argues that it isn't in the long run. But don't just take his word for it—let him prove it.
Discover the Power of Rails on IBM i
Discover the Power of Rails on IBM i 
The Rails framework is extremely productive and easy to learn. Its domain-centric development approach is elegant and powerful, and the quantity and quality of open-source Rails plug-ins are astounding. What’s more, Rails in now native on IBM i.
Get on the Fast Track with Rails
Get on the Fast Track with Rails 
Ruby is more powerful and elegant than PHP, argues Don Denoncourt, and the good news is that IBM i can run Ruby on Rails apps. Don gets you started with Ruby and explains how to access a legacy database from Rails.
How Safe Is NoSQL? 
Application security is a huge and complex topic. Add the cloud infrastructure, and it gets even more complicated. Luckily, cloud expansion has brought us an exciting, new breed of data persistence: noSQL.
Using jQuery with RPG Applications 
When it comes to the vast array of JavaScript frameworks available, the de facto standard is jQuery. With jQuery, you can easily employ features such as auto-complete, date popup, custom accordion, and more. Additionally, jQuery uses CSS selectors, provides superb documentation, has excellent plug-in support, and makes coding Ajax simple. To learn how to implement Ajax in RPG apps using jQuery, read on. The accompanying RPG code bundle and instructions provided here will help you get started.
CoC Frameworks for PHP and Java 
To develop applications with anywhere near the kind of sophistication required for real-world business apps, you will find that you need to use or build frameworks. Fortunately, an exciting strategy has evolved in this arena called Convention over Configuration (CoC). These frameworks significantly reduce the learning curve for developing robust applications and let you quickly create highly maintainable and solid business apps. What's more, CoC frameworks are available for most all web languages, including PHP, Java, Groovy, Python, Scala, and Ruby.
10 Tips for Developing a Retail Site 
The proliferation of web-only retail businesses are all but forcing manufacturers to build their own retail sites. Yet, many IBM shops in the manufacturing and wholesaling sector do not have one, primarily over concern that they would be competing with their existing retailers. The thing is, anyone can build a retail site and sell your product, so you may as well create your own site and benefit from greater profit margins. But before you begin, consider these 10 lessons I learned while building a retail site.
How to Put Ajax, JSON, REST, and RPG to Work: Creating an RPG Browser 
The genesis of this article began when the venerable Scott Klement suggested I write an article on the use of Ajax and JSON with RPG. Scott said that System iNEWS had covered Ajax with XML—but not with JSON. The thing is, JSON, not XML, is the go-to response format for Ajax-enabled browser applications. My first concern was picking a sample application. I considered the prototypical order entry application, but that seemed too boring to read, much less write. So I decided to create an application that everyone might use: a source browser. . . .
Real-World App Dev with Grails on i 
The third in a series, this article takes you from playing with Grails to real-world application development, teaching you how to develop web apps over legacy files and offering tips to avoid common challenges.
Simply Groovy RPG Integration 
Get acquainted with the Groovy programming language through this practical example of calling RPG from Groovy. Groovy makes RPG integration easy and gives you seamless integration with Java (putting Java's many APIs at your disposal), as well as a rapid app dev framework—Grails—with which you can readily develop highly maintainable applications.
Rapid IBM i Web Dev with Open Source Tools 
The Grails open source web application framework is an easy-to-use method for developing web-based IBM i applications rapidly. Don Denoncourt shows you just how rapidly, by walking you through creation of a sample file-maintenance app infrastructure in just five minutes, then breaking down the code to explain how it all works.
Securing Directories, Files, and Applications with Apache  1
Expanding your IBM i apps to the Internet involves many security considerations. Learn about user authentication and file and directory security for the IBM HTTP Server (Powered by Apache) shipped with IBM i.
Get Real with PHP 
PHP is new and exciting to learn, but the code can quickly become unwieldy and hard to maintain. Following a few PHP conventions will keep your PHP under control.
Use CSS to Give Your Web Pages Style 
Too much look-and-feel code in your HTML creates two problems: Altering web pages becomes so difficult that it probably won’t ever be done, and the true content is obfuscated to the point that maintenance is unwieldy. The solution is to replace HTML look-and-feel tags with CSS.
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