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Oct 1, 2004

Views from the youngest.  

Welcome to my view of the journey into WDSC. I'm the youngest here at KOA to use this product so I figure I will have the easiest time getting used to it (a fact I remind the other guys of quite often). I'm the network administrator for KOA which means I spend most of my time playing with wires and routers and switches. I do like to program when I get the chance with most of my programming experience in HTML, PHP and PERL. When I first came to KOA Jef did his best to make me a RPG programmer, but coming from the Windows/Unix world I had a tough time picking up the fixed form format of RPG III, luckily for me RPG IV and RPG free came out shortly after Jef got me started and I had a little easier time picking it up. Since I wasn't a true blue RPG programmer, though, I still struggled with SEU/PDM. Again luckily for me WDSC then came out and that is where I am at today. Most of the programming I will use WDSC for will still probably be HTML, PHP and some Net.Data, I am going to try to get the programmers to throw me some bits and pieces of RPG from time to time. So far I have installed WDSC on my PC. The install went smooth although the program uses quite a bit of disk space and requires a lot of RAM to be useful, makes me wonder if Microsoft had a hand in developing WDSC:) Once I had it installed I have created connections to our development iSeries and to a Linux machine that I do a little web programming on. The connection I created to the iSeries was very straight foward. The connection to the linux machine required a little more work, but by following the instructions in the WDSC help I was able to get the necessary software installed on the Linux machine and then able to make the connection. Next we will see if I can do some actual programming. See ya next time.......More
Sep 30, 2004

It requires determination.  

Don't start your journey with the expectation that WDSC is PDM with a pretty face. You'll be disappointed. Instead, be determined that you will be able to generate code, debug, and compile your programs. Be determined enough to flounder around for a while in menu bars, drop downs and context menus until you find the option you are looking for. You will learn a whole lot just looking around for the option you need. Be determined to give yourself time to learn to use the new tool properly. If your first project in WDSC is one with a tight deadline, you're likely going to be frustrated. Submit a compile of a simple "hello world" program. If you were fortunate enough to make an error, the error listing will indicate that to you. Select the error, watch your cursor. No, it's not PDM. Soon you will need to enter some iSeries commands, maybe nothing more than EDTLIBL. A little trial and frustration and you find how to do this without going green screen. Things start falling in place but it takes determination to stay the course. After a few days of "flying solo", read some of the documentation and examples available various places. This helps give you the warm feeling that you are doing things properly or may give insight to a different and better way of performing a task. Take a piece of paper and divide it in two columns. First column is a list of functions you can do in PDM that you can't in WDSC. Second column is a list of things you can do in WDSC and not PDM. My list started out with slightly more items under column two even though I only used WDSC a few days. Soon, I was removing items from column one as I learned how to it in WDSC. My columns remained static for a while until I learned about User Actions. I really started to clean up column one after that. I found I can tailor WDSC for the current project I am working on or for my global settings. I can make it work the best way for me. My initial thoughts were those of how slow I was in g...More

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