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Sep 20, 2004

Getting Started   1

Day 1 Checked our current cds. Went to the web site on CD. Knew we were out of date on CDs. Called BP to get refresh at no charge. $30 to expedite, free refresh as we were already an existing customers. Also sent required PTFs to my operator to make sure they can get on before we install. Day 4 Started going back to iSeriesNews and the printed publication and actually READING the articles that George and Phil from IBM have written on WDSc. Day 7 Installed WDSCe client. Started at 11:37 am. Spent a few minutes running through the README files, which I rarely do. I found it was easy to get to the minimum/recommended requiremets sections as the README procewss is a web document instead of a text file. I answered a few calls and walked away from the desk a couple of times so I might have not answered the buttons as often as I could have but the WebSphere install part took until 12:05 and estimated 1.46meg. The next part of the install was for Code/400, VaRPG and iSeries extensions. That part of the install estimated it needed ~500 meg. The second part of the install took until 12:38 to complete. I did not select to install HATS, which was another option. All in all, the install took about 1 hour, but there were no gotchas, no lockups. When finished, I rebooted and was glad to see only one new XP menu option installed. I hate when one install created multiple new menus in XP and you have to figure out which ones are the new ones. I'm not much of a manual reader, I just go! I started the client. The first time it took 1 minute to start up. But, I could quickly see that this was not code/400! On the left side a navigation panel helped me quicly connect to my iServer though I had options to connect to an WinServer, Linus server or iSeries. Nice touch and easy. Day 10 Noticed that I don't have the compile option when I right click on any source. When I click on the Compile menu options, it says Compile->Dummy. I think IBM is trying to t...More

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