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Oct 15, 2012

PHP Conditional Statements Lead to Swiss Cheese Syndrome 2

I'm certain it's my lack of programmer experience and not working in the field that makes it this way for me, but one PHP topic gets me lost and then....More
Oct 09, 2012

Arrays Cause PHP Student's D'oh Kind of Day 

Rita shares where she went wrong in her arrays homework over the (not long enough) weekend....More
Oct 04, 2012

Second PHP Session: Data Types, Algebra, No Two Programs Alike 

I wrote my PHP version of the famous "Hello, World" script for my second PHP I: Foundations class with Zend, and while I had great confidence in its....More
Oct 02, 2012

Hello, World Script Makes for Challenging PHP Homework 3

I've completed my first PHP homework assignment just in time for my second PHP I: Foundations session with Zend tomorrow morning. It's the famous "....More
Oct 01, 2012

PHP Course from Zend Is First Step in Educating Rita 

A wordsmithing technical editor is taking a course on the basics of PHP in an effort to expand her web development skills....More
Sep 10, 2012

Fighting Another Kind of Battle 1

Help John Earl with his battle....More
Aug 10, 2012

Starting PC Commands and My New Job 1

A quick update on how my new job is going, and then a look at how STRPCCMD works and a discussion of its pros and cons....More
Aug 09, 2012

Certification Schmertification 

COMMON's business computing certifications qualify individuals to speak intelligently to other members of the broader business team, understand....More
Jul 25, 2012

Learning by Burning Oil 2

After my family has gone to bed, I'm able to follow my passion. It's my time, time to do whatever I want to do. I learn stuff purely because I enjoy....More
Jun 27, 2012

The Profound Business of Changing Jobs 12

I've discovered that my favorite type of programming is writing tools for other developers. One day it dawned on me that my dream job would be to do....More
Jun 01, 2012

RPG is Dead? Are You Serious?! 21

iPro Developer recently featured an opinion article titled Is RPG Dead? by Mel Beckman, in which we were told that RPG is no longer routinely used to....More
May 11, 2012

COMMON 2012 3

I just arrived home from COMMON's Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA. There were approximately 1100 people in attendance at this conference, including....More
May 04, 2012

Welcome to Scott's iLand! 

My own little place on -- my island about IBM i -- or iLand, if you will -- where I let you know what's on my mind....More
Apr 04, 2012

Solving the Problem with List Parameters and Variables in CL 1

Since the early days of the CPF operating system on the System/38, I've been bedeviled by specifying variables for list parameters in CL programs....More
Apr 03, 2012

But I Digress 

iPro Developer's iDigress blog offers you the opportunity to speak to the IBM i developer community....More
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