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IBM Finds Smart Business Offerings in the Cloud


IBM has been on a cloud roll of sorts, introducing service after service in a cloud computing frenzy. And with IBM itselfadmitting that it's shifting to become a high-margin services company, I doubt the cloud computing era is going to end (until, of course, the next "it" phrase comes along). Even Joe Developer has given IBM the thumbs up signal in the cloud computing space. A survey conducted by Evans Data Corp on developers' perceptions of the major players in the cloud ...


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Madia (not verified)
on Oct 20, 2009
Not to be a stick in the mud, but: "but then, someone has to be working at the company providing the cloud services." Most likely not in the US, that's where the cost savings are. The jobs getting offshored aren't being replaced by anything with similar salary levels in most cases. So great - you save a few bucks on your winery software by using the new offshore cloud, but you kill off your US customer base by encouraging their unemployment. Mutiply that by a million or so businesses and do the math on what that does to the US economy. Which is kinda just what we are seeing now.

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