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IBM Absent from Top 100 List, Perhaps Sam Should Take Note of Google's Spa-Like Atmosphere

Apparently, cows are not the only happy mammals that come from California. Workers at IT companies Google, Cisco Systems, and Qualcomm--all headquartered in California cities--gave their employees enough of a thumbs up to rank them in the top 10 ofFortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For 2008 list. Google took No. 1, Cisco No. 6, and Qualcomm No. 8. Incidentally, this is the second year that Google took the No. 1 spot. (Hmmm. Maybe free cafeteria food, onsite haircuts and oil ...


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anonymous (not verified)
on Jan 27, 2009
IBM was one of the best places to work and once prided itself for that. It is no longer a best place, but has become one of the worst - the US equivalent of a Chinese sweatshop. IBM has had a 15 year slide downhill, but the last 3 years have been nothing short of hellish in the US due to ridulous cost cutting and unrelenting offshoring of US jobs. You work much longer days, harder, far more often and with more stress than ever before. Overtime used to be an occasional thing when a rush project needed to be done, but now you're expected to do whatever it takes all the time - and you don't get paid for it. Your compensation is steadily losing ground versus inflation because you don't get COLAs or raises every year. In fact, you haven't seen a raise in three years and the last was a measly 2.0%. But you're lucky, since others got a pay cut and some lost their jobs. You fear losing your job, it could happen at virtually any time without any reason. You're also expected to train your Indian or Chinese replacement without any complaint, knowing that your job will be gone. IBM claims you have 30 days to find another job within, but there's always a company-wide hiring freeze during that time so there aren't jobs to be found. IBM never announces layoffs unless there is need to pander to Wall Street. The most devastating part of this is the utter contempt and lack of respect that the executive class has toward IBM's employees, which leads to abusive, sweatshop like practices. As a Dilbert cartoon noted recently, we're treated like livestock. I'm not mad, only exhausted and disheartened. We just had 800 more coworkers layed off in Rochester. Do not under any circumstances work for IBM.

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