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25 Years of the System i Marketplace 
What vendors say about market changes, IBM oversights, the System i ecosystem, and how their businesses adapt to the expected and unexpected may surprise you. They debate it all in a roundtable talk focusing on 25 years of selling.
Important Changes to <I>iSeries NEWS</I> 
Editor in Chief Wayne Madden explains the changes coming to iSeries NEWS magazine with the September issue.
Important iSeries Network Announcement 
Learn about an upcoming iSeries Network login change and an exciting and hefty (250%!) upgrade to our print magazine...
Computing on Demand: Marketing Hype or Reality 
Wayne Madden shares his opinion about what IBM's new on-demand concept will mean for IBM customers and the iSeries market.
Tribute: The Loss of a Friend 
Wayne Madden pays tribute to Senior Technical Editor Gary Guthrie.
Celebrating 20 Years Together! 
Join us as we look back on 20 years of publishing NEWS.
Processing Database Files with CL 
Learn the secrets of CL database file processing and when you might want to use this type of programming solution. Then check out security command PrtObjAut, which prints object authorities for selected objects in one or more libraries.
MC Closes: Is This a Trend? 
Wayne Madden looks at the current state of the iSeries market and IT publishing. . . .
Security for IT Professionals 
Your security policies should extend beyond end users to include your IT personnel. Although establishing an effective security strategy for IT is difficult, following these few rules can help.
The Facts About Public Authorities 
Gary Guthrie and Wayne Madden review the essential facts about public authorities. Follow this advice to protect the security of your system.
IBM and Lotus: What Could Have Been 
Wayne Madden goes on the record to say that integrating Lotus into IBM is a huge mistake. . . .
WebSphere, A Growing Force 
Java-based Web application servers such as WebSphere and WebLogic seem to have a headstart on Microsoft's .Net, but Microsoft has the advantage at the low end. . . .
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From the Blogs
Application Modernization Redbook Unleashed
Mar 27, 2014

Application Modernization Redbook Unleashed  

The Application Modernization Redbook draft version has been released! Tim Rowe has the details....More
Free-Form RPG Transformation, Part 2
Mar 19, 2014

Free-Form RPG Transformation, Part 2  

Tim Rowe continues his series on ISV tools for free-form RPG with a look at Linoma Software's free-format transformation tool, RPG Toolbox....More

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