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Mel Beckman


Mel Beckman is the senior technical director for System iNEWS. Before that, he was a System iNEWS senior technical editor for more than 20 years. He has built two regional Internet service providers and is currently president of Beckman Software Engineering, a technical consultancy specializing in large-scale, high-bandwidth networks. His past clients include Apple Computer, the City and County of Santa Barbara, DuPont Displays, IBM, Loral Federal Systems, United Airlines, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Mel has presented seminars on computer programming and network technology throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Mel's hundreds of articles about networks and software development have appeared in e-Pro, InfoWorld, System iNEWS, Macworld, PC World, and Windows IT Pro magazines. Mel has received numerous writing awards, including the Excellence and Distinguished Technical Communication awards from the Society for Technical Communication. He co-authored, with Gartner research director John Enck, the book LAN to WAN Interconnection, which has been translated into more than six languages, including Chinese. Mel's personal interests include playing the classical guitar, flying helicopters, and studying marine biology, but not all at the same time.

Network Chemistry's RFprotect 
Network Chemistry's RFprotect is a Wi-Fi monitoring system that detects and helps mitigate Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, such as rogue access points, unencrypted clients, and denial of service attacks.
Dr. I. Doctor 
Dr. I. Doctor explains how to give Voice over IP traffic priority on your network, and the hazards of moving Windows HTTP server to the DMZ port on a firewall.
An Owner's Guide to Traceroute 
Traceroute is one of the oldest troubleshooting tools on the Internet, running on virtually every current operating system. It's owned by all of u. Learn how to use this venerable tool to isolate problems, identify performance bottlenecks, and understand how your packets move both within your network and on the Internet.
Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Networks 
Setting up a wireless network seems simple, but keeping it running can be a complex process, with a whole new set of gremlins to plague you. Learn the essentials of troubleshooting wireless networks æ and a few tricks of the trade æ to keep the unwired gremlins at bay.
4 Power Tips for Networking 
Learn how to take advantage of ping’s handy options, override Windows’ default wait time, overcome Windows’ DNS quirk, and apply a Maximum Transmission Unit fix.
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