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Glenn Robinson

Getting to grips with VIO Server, part 8: save and restore capabilities 
In the final part of his series explaining the benefits of VIOS for IBM i pros, Glenn Robinson looks at two commands for backing up your LPARs: "viosbr" and "backupios".
Getting to grips with VIO Server, part 7: shared storage pools 

In previous articles in this series, I have discussed how VIO Server presents storage to client LPARs either from SAN storage or from local storage. By far the most popular method is to use SAN storage. VIOS also has a feature called storage pools which has been around for a long time. In the last few years IBM has also introduced shared storage pools (SSP). Let's have a look at both of these.

Getting to grips with VIOS, part 6: redundancy and resilience 
Here’s a big difference between VIOS and VMWare and the like: Intel servers only run one instance of virtualisation software. If the software needs patching with a reboot, then the entire system with all its VMs has to be taken down. With VIO Server, however, you can run multiple instances on the same server.
Getting to grips with VIOS, part 5: network virtualisation configuration 
This month, I’ll look at how us IBM i folks can provide Ethernet connectivity to our client LPARs using VIOS. Our virtual networking options are fewer and simpler than the virtual storage options and by far the most common option deployed is Shared Ethernet Adapters (SEA).
Opinion: PowerVM leads to IBM i resurgence 
There have been numerous reports of a resurgence of IBM i in recent months and much of this has been down to the fantastic pricing and performance of the Power 7 systems. Who would have thought a few years ago that we could get a 23,000 CPW system in a 2U format for less than £20,000? We need to be careful, though, when we see some of the headlines bandied about by IBM as, quite often, the figures they show are for all Power 7 systems sold. Without doubt, the majority of Power 7 sales are boxes which are sold with AIX as the only licensed operating system – no IBM i or Power Linux in sight.
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