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Dan Darnell


Dan Darnell is the author of the book Java and the AS/400, Second Edition (published by 29th Street Press) and an independent consultant in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Get Started with EGL Programming, Part 2 
In Part 1 of this article, you learned why EGL as part of the EDT provides a viable long-term solution for IBM i application modernization, and you got a brief tour of how to work with the language and tools. Now it's time to see how you can put EGL and EDT to work in the real world.
Getting Started with EGL Programming, Part 1 
Though most IBM i–targeted application modernization tools are not viable long-term solutions, Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) and the EGL Development Tools (EDT) let you create web applications that are stable (even across browsers and browser versions), secure, and perform well. This brief walkthrough shows the how easy it is to work with EGL in EDT.
EGL: One Business Language to Rule Them All  2
In this opinion piece, longtime IBM i developer Dan Darnell asserts that with EGL in your application modernization toolkit, you have no need to learn PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, REST and/or SOAP services, CGI, or even frameworks such as DoJo, JQuery, and ExtJS. Instead, Dan says, EGL provides everything you need to develop state-of-the-art business applications in one easy language.
Free and Awesome: EGL Community Edition  5
While EGL CE can leverage existing code and database data on the IBM i, there's more to it: learn what EGL CE is, what it is not, where it came from, and who it'll help most.
Hunkering Down 
During a recession, it is easy to be frightened by all of the negative news surrounding you. You shouldn’t ignore your company’s problems, but you can help to address them as an agent of positive change.
The EGL Has Landed: Calling RPG Programs from EGL 
Under the covers, EGL creates Java or Cobol code, but on the outside it has a wider range of possibilities, including the ability to call an RPG program. This article walks you through the use of EGL to call an RPG program.
Beyond RPG: A Java Guy’s Perspective 
A Java enthusiast offers specific examples on why Java is the solution to many old and future IT problems. He also shares some pros and cons of EGL, which can be useful in the modernization process. However, even with the use of EGL, Java knowledge is imperative.
Running in Place? 
Today's technology world demands more than just RPG to create world-class applications. Programmers who have an "RPG and RPG alone" mind-set need to recognize this and branch out.
32-Bit JVM for the i 
The advent of 32-bit JVM on the System i means reduced overhead and increased performance for regular Java applications. Best of all, it means we no longer need extra resources to run WebSphere.
Leverage Amazon Simple Storage Service 
After you're acquainted with S3, you'll think of many uses for this low-cost web service. S3 can play simple or complex roles, functioning in intricate web applications or simple commands, being part of a formal backup strategy or simply providing cheap offsite storage.
Pretty Simple, Pretty Good Privacy 
The free OpenPGP Java API meshes nicely with the IBM Toolbox for Java/JTOpen on i5/OS. You don’t just have access to encryption/decryption routines; the commands send useful escape messages on error conditions, so you can code defensively.
Still Green After All These Years 
At times, you likely still use the green screen for tasks such as navigating the system and changing, compiling, and debugging code. The PPM and PPMJ utilities aggregate these common tools into a simple green-screen interface for RPG and Java developers.
Choosing a Front-End GUI 
Can't decide on the best front-end GUI to use in your environment? Three experts weigh in to share their favorite solutions. One of these approaches may be right for you.
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